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Hi :) My name is Luke Fournier, I am a 2023 at Westlake High school. I was born in Atlanta Georgia in 2005. Growing up in a sports family it was certain that my life would be full of sports. Starting at a young age I was a triple athlete competing in Lacrosse, Football, and Basketball. Fast forward to middle school and I am playing on the football team, while also participating on three travel lacrosse teams. Now, I am in high school, I play on 4 travel lacrosse teams, and I am still competing on the football field. I have always wanted to find a way to benefit the athletes of Austin Texas, and now I have. With this website, clients will be able to schedule the time, place, and coach they want for their private lesson. 


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Defensive Coaches

Luke Fournier

Goalie Coaches
Offensive Coaches
Hayden Kern

Ethan Burke 


Works with Attack and Midfield, grades 


Committed to play D1 lacrosse at top 2 

lacrosse team Maryland

Westlake Varsity Attackman 

Inside lacrosse All-American

Bradley Mays 

Works with attack, grades k-9th

Westlake Varsity Attackman 

Works with close D/LSM Grades k-9th 

Westlake Varsity Defensive pole

Maverik Showtime Attendee

Blackcard Showcase All-Star

Philly Showcase All-Star


Teams Playing For:


West Coast Starz

South Star

IronHorse Texas

Brett Mays 


Works with goalies, Grades k-10th

Westlake Varsity Goalie 

Eric Baines 

Works with face off, grades k-10th

Westlake Varsity FOGO

T-99 All-star

Central Texas Honorable Mention

Inside Lacrosse All-Star

Works with D-Poles, grades k-9th

Westlake varsity D-Pole